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New website

Published: Mon Jul 11, 2022 Last updated: Tue Jul 12, 2022

Welcome to my new personal website!

First of all, this website is built with Hugo, which is a static website generator framework. In short, the developer (me) needs to only supply Hugo with static markdown documents, and it generates ready HTML documents that I can then upload to my web server. Simple and easy!

If you want to check out the old website which used javascript to pseudo-generate itself, you can find it from here.

Building websites with Hugo

If you want to build websites with Hugo, the first thing you need is the Hugo framework itself. Hugo can be installed on most linux distributions from the official application repository, for example on Arch Linux Hugo can be installed from pacman:

# pacman -S hugo

Now that you have Hugo installed, you can start off by creating your own websites! If you want to start from ground-up, you should follow the official documentation from Hugo’s website.

However, you most likely just want to have something deployed quickly without too much hassle for yourself. In this case, you can try a ready-made Hugo theme. This is the approach I chose. The theme this website is built on is called “Serial Programmer”, and can be found from here.

With a ready theme one can simply deploy a local test server with the hugo framework by running

$ hugo server

in the root directory of the theme folder. This is the folder that contains the config.toml file. You might need to edit the configuration file before starting the local test server!

Now it’s time to fiddle around and create new content for the theme. This is done by creating markdown-formatted files, which is then parsed by Hugo. Once you are happy with the outcome, you can generate the static website by running


in the root directory. This will generate a public folder. The contents of this folder can now be uploaded to the web server. Your new website is done!

The Hugo code for this website can be found from my Github!